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I have decided
We want to celebrate with you and follow up with you about this decision to follow Jesus. All of heaven rejoices at this important step that you have made! We also want to get some resources in your hands that will help you along your journey.
I am rededicating my life
We are so excited that you have made the choice to rededicate your life to following Jesus. We want to follow up with you and help you make your next steps. We also have some resources for you that may be helpful to you along your journey.
Prayer request
We want to agree with you in prayer, beliving God’s best and perfect will for your life. If you are in the hospital and would like to be visited make sure you check that box in the form so we can send out a pastor to you.
Water baptism
Water baptism is a vital step in your journey with Christ. Publically declare your commitment to Jesus with water baptism surrounded by your church family.
Next Steps
Take the next step to finding your purpose and making a difference. Go through this course in order to become a part of our dream team. The dream team is the extraordinary group of people that are willing to serve the kingdom of God by serving at our church.
Haven Groups
Haven Groups are Haven Worship Center's groups that meet together each week for 60-90 minutes in convenient locations all across our community. These 12 week groups are the perfect place to meet new friends and grow in your faith.
Fill It In Notes
Fill It In Notes are the ultimate companion for Sunday morning services. Stay engaged with the sermon as you effortlessly add your own notes and fill in the blanks on key main points, deepening your understanding and connection with the message.